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Day8 in Korea

>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahah!! Finally! This is the final night of the 14th All Asians Debating Championship. Most teams left Korea the next day, but I stayed back at Long's place to do more sight-seeing in Seoul :)

On this final night, we had our Closing Gala Party, held at the gymnasium in the English Village. Somehow, this party isn't as 'wow' as we hoped it to be...even the other dinners were better *sigh* But the variety of food is still good :)

- Lunch

lunch day 8 korea

- Halal dinner

halal dinner day 7 korea

- Non-halal dinner

dinner day 8 korea

more dinner day 8 korea

I hope you enjoyed the posts on Korea. We'll continue to keep this site updated from time to time! Stay tuned!

- Ruth


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