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Day 6 in Korea

>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahah! Day 6 was out of the English Village! On this day, we had a free day where we could go for a tour around Seoul city! I had Sam as my tour guide, so we actually covered quite a lot of places together & at quite a bit of interesting food :)

We had breakfast at a place called 'Kim Bap Heaven' in town, on the way to Namdaemun Market. This was what Sam had; it's called Bibimbap. It's rice with loads of veggie in a claypot like dish, served with chilli! It's spicy & the heat adds to the kick of the dish!

breakfast day 6 korea

This was what I ate, Deng Jang Jigae. I didn't know how to order & what to order since EVERYTHING is written in Korean! Thanks to Sam, I had something to eat... this dish is tofu soup with clams & veggie, served with rice. It's a traditional Korean dish that everyone should have when visiting Korea.

tien jng jige day 6 korea

This is the spread for breakfast! Kin chi & all else are served as complimentary :)

breakfast spread day 6 korea

After breakfast, we went to Namdaemun Market. This place is like the Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, but it's at least 8 times bigger! There are loads of clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs, food, & ginseng!

ndm1 korea

ndm4 korea

This is a traditional dish in Korea; it's rice cake cooked with chilli sauce & some veggie., called Ddukbokhee :P

ndm2 korea

Ginseng are everywhere! Korea is famous for this ;)

ndm 3 korea

At every nook & corner of the street, you'll find this- rice cakes. It's a traditional food, served in an assortment of colours, taste, & toppings. It's quite similar to our 'mochi with ground peanuts', but it's slightly harder & more chewy...like the 'ang ku kuey'.

ndm5 korea

I was very attracted to the pretty designs of the utensils that they sell in Korea. I wish I could have that in my house! Things aren't tht cheap when converted to the Malaysian Ringgit, so I couldn't afford to spend so much on such things that I don't really need!

ndm6 korea

This is some fish-shape kuih....haha...i've no idea what it is, but I thought that it looked interesting ;)

ndm7 korea

There are plenty of fruits sold in Korea, some that I haven't seen nor tasted before.

ndm8 korea

There are loads of street stalls around the market selling a variety of light food on sticks!

ndm9 korea

On our way to our next destination, we passed by Myeongdong, a high-class shopping area that is filled with shopping complexes.

Myeongdong day 6 korea

This was our next destination, Gyengbokgung Palace. It looks very much like the Palaces in China, & it made me feel as if I was in China! Hahaha...

Gyeongbokgung Palace day 6 korea

After visiting the famous palace in Seoul, we moved on to Insadong, a traditional street filled with shops selling souvenirs, traditional items, food, & antiques. Here are some photos on the interesting stuff I came across in Insadong.

- Anyone wants a free hug?? This guy is giving it freely!

free hug day 6 korea

- Korean tea houses in Insadong

Korean tea house at insadong day 6 korea

- Beondegi, boiled silkworms pupae

silk worms day 6 korea

Eating this was no joke! The juice that squirts out in the mouth is er...eeuuuww...

beondegi day 6 korea

After walking in Insadong, we went for dinner at some restaurant to have the famous Samgyeopsal. It's actually 3-layer meat served barbecued and eaten with vegetables and rice.

samgyeopsal day 6 korea

After dinner was more sight-seeing (Laurence, Sam & I) to Sinchon & Ehwa Women's university area before we headed back to Paju.

- Ruth


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