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Day 4 in Korea

>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 4 in Korea was filled with debates. Basically, on this day was rouds 3, 4, & 5, which concluded the day's events.

- Breakfast

menu breakfast day 4 korea

breakfast day 4 korea

- Halal breakfast: fried rice, grilled salmon, tofu, pineapple cubes in syrup, bread, sauteed potatoes & vegetables, & spinach soup.

halal breakfast day 4 korea

- Lunch: macaroni, rice, apples, kimchi, pork fillets, crinkled cut fries, fresh garden salad with kiwi sauce as dressing, & vegetable cream soup.

lunch day 4 korea

- Halal lunch: pork fillet was substituted with fish fillet :)

halal lunch day 4 korea

Dinner wasn't provided on day 4, so we actually packed some extra food from these meals & had it for dinner, alongside instant noodles, which we brought over from Malaysia.

- Ruth


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