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Day 2 in Korea

>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

The debates didn't start on our 2nd day in Korea, so basically, it's another day of food & fun! Hehehe...this is the day where I made some new friends & we stuck together as a gang ;)

- Breakfast menu

menu breakfast day 2 korea

- The display of our breakfast

breakfast day 2 korea

Every meal that we have are buffet style. Each day, there will be 2-3 dishes of meat & veggie, one rice (either fried rice or white rice), one noodle, a salad, soup, & fruits. The variety is mouth-watering. Somehow, the food that we get at the English Village is very much Western style (with bits of Korean touch of course!). Food is in abundance when there is, & when no meals are provided for the day, one can just go hungry...cos the weather day is cold even though it's end spring early summer!

- Lunch

lunch day 2 korea

For dinner that night, we had a banquet outdoors! It's very cold outside, but the wide variety of food just makes a person forget about the chily condition ;) There were 2 long tables of food laid out (halal, vegetarian, & non-halal). Yummy! :P

- Halal dinner

halal dinner day 2

- Non-halal dinner

dinner day 2 korea

While I was in Korea for the debates, I made some new friends whom we stuck to as a gang. These fellas are realy nice & fun to be with. The championship isn't all about debates after all; it's about debating & gaining new friends & experiences through the exchange of ideas ;)
- Gang of friends in Korea (left-right: Azwan from UMP, Long from Vietnam, Bumki from Korea, Ruth from UMP, Sam from Korea, & Farhana from UMP)

gang with azwan in Korea

- Left-right: Long, Laurence from Taiwan, Bumki, Sam, Ruth & Farhana

gang in korea

That's all for day 2 in Korea. Coming up is day 3!

- Ruth


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