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Day8 in Korea

>> Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ahah!! Finally! This is the final night of the 14th All Asians Debating Championship. Most teams left Korea the next day, but I stayed back at Long's place to do more sight-seeing in Seoul :)

On this final night, we had our Closing Gala Party, held at the gymnasium in the English Village. Somehow, this party isn't as 'wow' as we hoped it to be...even the other dinners were better *sigh* But the variety of food is still good :)

- Lunch

lunch day 8 korea

- Halal dinner

halal dinner day 7 korea

- Non-halal dinner

dinner day 8 korea

more dinner day 8 korea

I hope you enjoyed the posts on Korea. We'll continue to keep this site updated from time to time! Stay tuned!

- Ruth


Day 7 in Korea

I'm tired of typing SO much at one go! I'll put up details of the 8 days of the tournament only... tralalalala.... :P

- Halal dinner

dinner day 7 korea

- Non-halal dinner

non-halal dinner day 7 korea

Aside from more debates, the main event was the Cultural Night. We had fun snapping photos with people from all over Asia :) It was a colourful night, with interesting costumes to admire ;)

- with a debater from Thailand

cultural night 1

- with a debater from Mongolia

cultural night 2

- with debaters from Japan

cultural night 3

- with debaters from Vietnam & Bangladesh

cultural night 4

- with debaters from Korea

cultural night 5

- Ruth


Day 6 in Korea

Ahah! Day 6 was out of the English Village! On this day, we had a free day where we could go for a tour around Seoul city! I had Sam as my tour guide, so we actually covered quite a lot of places together & at quite a bit of interesting food :)

We had breakfast at a place called 'Kim Bap Heaven' in town, on the way to Namdaemun Market. This was what Sam had; it's called Bibimbap. It's rice with loads of veggie in a claypot like dish, served with chilli! It's spicy & the heat adds to the kick of the dish!

breakfast day 6 korea

This was what I ate, Deng Jang Jigae. I didn't know how to order & what to order since EVERYTHING is written in Korean! Thanks to Sam, I had something to eat... this dish is tofu soup with clams & veggie, served with rice. It's a traditional Korean dish that everyone should have when visiting Korea.

tien jng jige day 6 korea

This is the spread for breakfast! Kin chi & all else are served as complimentary :)

breakfast spread day 6 korea

After breakfast, we went to Namdaemun Market. This place is like the Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, but it's at least 8 times bigger! There are loads of clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs, food, & ginseng!

ndm1 korea

ndm4 korea

This is a traditional dish in Korea; it's rice cake cooked with chilli sauce & some veggie., called Ddukbokhee :P

ndm2 korea

Ginseng are everywhere! Korea is famous for this ;)

ndm 3 korea

At every nook & corner of the street, you'll find this- rice cakes. It's a traditional food, served in an assortment of colours, taste, & toppings. It's quite similar to our 'mochi with ground peanuts', but it's slightly harder & more chewy...like the 'ang ku kuey'.

ndm5 korea

I was very attracted to the pretty designs of the utensils that they sell in Korea. I wish I could have that in my house! Things aren't tht cheap when converted to the Malaysian Ringgit, so I couldn't afford to spend so much on such things that I don't really need!

ndm6 korea

This is some fish-shape kuih....haha...i've no idea what it is, but I thought that it looked interesting ;)

ndm7 korea

There are plenty of fruits sold in Korea, some that I haven't seen nor tasted before.

ndm8 korea

There are loads of street stalls around the market selling a variety of light food on sticks!

ndm9 korea

On our way to our next destination, we passed by Myeongdong, a high-class shopping area that is filled with shopping complexes.

Myeongdong day 6 korea

This was our next destination, Gyengbokgung Palace. It looks very much like the Palaces in China, & it made me feel as if I was in China! Hahaha...

Gyeongbokgung Palace day 6 korea

After visiting the famous palace in Seoul, we moved on to Insadong, a traditional street filled with shops selling souvenirs, traditional items, food, & antiques. Here are some photos on the interesting stuff I came across in Insadong.

- Anyone wants a free hug?? This guy is giving it freely!

free hug day 6 korea

- Korean tea houses in Insadong

Korean tea house at insadong day 6 korea

- Beondegi, boiled silkworms pupae

silk worms day 6 korea

Eating this was no joke! The juice that squirts out in the mouth is er...eeuuuww...

beondegi day 6 korea

After walking in Insadong, we went for dinner at some restaurant to have the famous Samgyeopsal. It's actually 3-layer meat served barbecued and eaten with vegetables and rice.

samgyeopsal day 6 korea

After dinner was more sight-seeing (Laurence, Sam & I) to Sinchon & Ehwa Women's university area before we headed back to Paju.

- Ruth


Day 5 in Korea

We had rounds 6, 7, & 8 this day. It was quite tiring, but the day ended with another social event. The main social event for this day was the Break Night Party at a nearby pub. I didn't stay long in that place as it ws smokey & everyone was drinking. There are photos of the party, but I'm not gonna upload it here as it's quite dark.

- Breakfast

We had rice, beancurd sheets with chilli, lychees, garden salad, ham slices, & sauteed potatoes plus a soup.

breakfast day 5 korea

soup breakfast day 5 korea

- Halal breakfast

halal breakfast day 5 korea

We took some photos with our opponents during 2 rounds of the debates as well. Here's to share with all our readers!

- With team KIDS4 from Chung Ang University Korea

debaters from korea day 5

- With team BUFS3 from Beijing University of Foreign Studies

debaters from beijing day 5

These are the 2 teams that we defeated. We had 8 rounds all-together, but we won only 4 out of 8 rounds *sigh*

- Ruth


Day 3 in Korea

Since this site is not only about food, but about our adventures & experiences as the Perutbesi duo, I'll upload pictures of people as well & hope that these pictures will add a special touch to our site :)

Our first 3 rounds of debates were held today. Breakfast & lunch were served in the English Village itself, while dinner was a grand one out of the village! Muahaha...

- Breakfast in the English Village: Rice, fired fish, potatoes. salad, tofu, & oranges.

breakfast day 3 korea

- Lunch: Spagetti in cream sauce & red italian sauce, cream of corn soup, pineapple cubes in syrup, rice with kimchi & meat cutlets.

lunch day 3 korea

The main event for this day was the Championship Dinner, held at the KINTEX, an exhibition place like the PWTC in Kuala Lumpur. Yeah, it's only day 3 of our debates, but they had the championship dinner earlier as some were to leave the debates before the grand finals. In the championship dinner was the public speaking competition, which gave a kick to the event :)

Everyone was dressed nicely & it felt as if we were at the Oscar Awards Ceremony! Hahaha... food was well, only one word to describe it: GLORIOUS!

First, the dinner cutlery:

dinner cutlery day 3 korea

I had this little madness of taking photos of the cutlery. Somehow the neat arrangement & shine appeals to me! :D

Now the food:

dinner day 3 korea

This is just one table of food. There were THREE tables nicely spreaded with FOOD! Oh food, glorious food!

- Halal food for dinner: Rice, glass noodles, veggie, mushrooms, & loads of sushi & sashimi!!

halal dinner day 3

- Soba, cold noodles on clear miso soup

soba day 3 korea

Ok, I know this plate is filled to the brim with everything on it. Basically, there're sausages, tempura, dumplings, meat of all sorts, sushi, rice, & veggie! Oh, superbly delicious! I was thinking of heading for second round, but after this full plate of food, & another plate of fruits & dessert, I could hardly move, whatmore eat somemore! :D

- Non-halal dinner.

non-halal dinner day 3 korea

- Dessert: (clockwise) watermelon, strawberry, orange tart, pineapple tart, creampuff, kiwi tart, chocolate cake, apple, grape, & walnut pie. *mouth waters*

dessert day 3 korea

Here are some pics of the people:

- Debaters from UMP: azwan, Ashwin, Farhana, Satya, Ruth, & Arvin.

championship dinner with UMP in korea

- With the debaters from Japan & Vietnam: Ayami, ruth, Ets, Farhana, Nga, Long, Azwan, & Atsuki.

championship dinner with japanese in korea

- With roommates from Bangladesh

roommates at championship dinner day 3 korea

- With Bumki

with bumki at championship dinner day 3 korea

- With Laurence

with laurence at championship dinner day 3 korea

This was basically all that happened in the Championship Dinner. There are loads of other photos, but I'll not load it up here ;) Stay tuned; coming up, day 4 in Korea (there are 11 days!)

- Ruth


Day 4 in Korea

Day 4 in Korea was filled with debates. Basically, on this day was rouds 3, 4, & 5, which concluded the day's events.

- Breakfast

menu breakfast day 4 korea

breakfast day 4 korea

- Halal breakfast: fried rice, grilled salmon, tofu, pineapple cubes in syrup, bread, sauteed potatoes & vegetables, & spinach soup.

halal breakfast day 4 korea

- Lunch: macaroni, rice, apples, kimchi, pork fillets, crinkled cut fries, fresh garden salad with kiwi sauce as dressing, & vegetable cream soup.

lunch day 4 korea

- Halal lunch: pork fillet was substituted with fish fillet :)

halal lunch day 4 korea

Dinner wasn't provided on day 4, so we actually packed some extra food from these meals & had it for dinner, alongside instant noodles, which we brought over from Malaysia.

- Ruth

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