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While taking a stroll in Kuantan town...

>> Friday, February 9, 2007

I was out in town last Sunday to attend church service. This was a very rare occasion where I took the RC bus out instead of staying back in town since Friday night. I’ve practically no choice since we had to attend the TYIB seminar on Saturday. I got donw at St. Thomas, & made my way on 'Bus 11' towards my destination.

Since I had some extra time to ‘walk around town’ before meeting up with my family for breakfast at Choise, I ceased the opportunity & took a stroll along the main roads of Kuantan town. Btw, Choise offers a good, tasty variety of Indian food, from the basic roti canai, to the yummy tosai, vaadai, idli, apom...etc. It's located at Jalan Bukit Ubi; a corner shop- easy to locate. My family have breakfast there every Sunday, so they are familiar with us d ;)

Choise Kuantan

I was taking the road towards Jalan Teluk Sisek opposite Methodist Primary School, turning towards Jalan Bukit Ubi, I think… or is it Jalan Besar? Whatever road it is, which is adjacent with Jalan Masjid, in town, the wind that started at that time was blowing at my face, beating against the cheeks, gently sweeping my hair to the back. Whoa...it was just EXTREMELY refreshing. Here are the things that gave me a sense of peace & serenity, & some that caught my eyes!

Kuantan town centre at 8.30 am on a Sunday morning. Quiet, serene, filled with tranquility...

serene Kuantan_1

The Padang in front of the State mosque- so empty! And that time with the moderately strong wind blowing, you just feel like running across the filed & feel the wind beating against your chest (like an athelete!).

serene Kuantan_2

Look carefully at the small prints on top of the building; the building has been there since 1929!!! That's 78 years old!!

serene Kuantan_3

And guess what I saw...


The whole street was adorned with it!! An assortment of banners (including UMP's!)


This is the biggest that I spotted... fuyoh... publicity!


This is what I meant by BIG! Covers 2 1/2 storeys of the Teruntum building!!


This sort of publicity made me so proud to be a student of Universiti Malaysia Pahang! Aren't you proud to be a student of this university too??

- Ruth


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