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>> Friday, February 9, 2007

Sometimes I can't help but feel pityful for those who stereotype us with a particular label. Some people just do not know us long enough to know our ins and outs. *sigh* We don't blame them, no we don't. Strangely, sometimes we have the same feeling as they do too. Doubts are just casted on us, and confusion clouds our minds. Once in a while, we do get trapped in such myths & disbelieves that people have on us.

There are certain myths that all our reader have to be enlightened... PEOPLE NEED TO BE SHOWN TO THE TRUTH!

So, our dear readers, here are some 'myths' that we find ourselves acquainted with (very sadly) and the truth behind it:

Myth # 1
The PerutBesi members are studious, constantly seen as girls who just stick their heads in the books, bury themselves under a heap of books when others are out playing games, and just plain 'smart'.

Truth #1
WE DON'T LIKE STUDYING!!! We study & do well because we felt that it's a responsibility as a student to excel. Our parents are paying for our education, so we have to be responsible and wise children- can't put their effort & hard-earn money to waste! *no no no* And btw, we are NOT boring people!

Myth # 2
The PerutBesi members are picky eaters & will only eat high-class food, or those that look presentable.

Truth #2
WE EAT ANYTHING EDIBLE!!! Yes, sounds as if we are some ‘walking tong sampah’, right? Truth to the bone, we are pretty much like a walking bin that consumes anything that could be eaten. Probably we’ll have preferences, but when circumstances arise, we’ll just eat anything to fill our tummies! That’s why we are called the ‘Perut Besi’!

Myth # 3
We are proud/ arrogant people i.e. snobs. We walk as if everyone else around us are nobody-s, & can't be bothered to stop to say a word of 'hello'.... we hardly exchange a smile.

Truth #3
*sigh* Sad, deluded people, Be awaken by this fact. Please do. We plead you...

We may not be VERY 'smiley' people, or perhaps, we may not have a very cheerful & amicable face. But, bear in mind that we are friendly people. Probably a little introvert, resulting to us not mixing that well with others. We could be pretty 'crazy' when the time is right, or just be very playful when the time is right again. The reason behind not stopping by to exchange a greeting may be due to the rush that we are always in- getting to class on time, handing up assignments & projects on time, getting back to the room in time to complete some work or get a bathroom to bathe in! I mean, there are at least 20 people rushing for just 4 bathrooms... to put things straight, PerutBesi people observes punctuality, quality, and efficiency.

- Ruth & Anne


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