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Turn Your Idea Into Business

>> Sunday, February 4, 2007

This will probably be the weirdest entry title ever posted....well, at least so far :)

The 'ruthless eaters' were not out hunting for food today, but we were somehow being 'paksa rela' to attend a seminar entitled 'Turn Your Idea Into Business'. The main reason it is being described as 'paksa rela' is because most of us I attended it for the sake of getting marks for a subject i took this semester. Well, that was before i understood the true purpose of that seminar and got to love it at the end of the day. At least i did not spend my whole saturday sitting and listening to a speaker babbling the whole day and getting nothing in return. Managed to get a few tips on what an undergraduate can do after graduation. The speaker highlighted 3 options:

1) Get employed or
2) Start your own business and becomes an entreprenuer or
3) Waste your life away doing nothing

Another note of advice given by the speaker was "..since you already in it, why don't you make the best out of it?" (nice)

The speakers were pretty impressive. One of the speaker was full of energy. Kept walking here and there and talked non-stop despite being pregnant! Kind of being ashamed as i admit i did yawn a few times and felt tired although i did not have to do anything except for sitting comfortably and listening to her talk :P

PerutBesi in TYIB
PerutBesi in action

With coursemates

With speaker
With speaker
and a perutbesi.blogspot.com entry will not complete without a photo of food, rite? Here is a shoot of our yummylicious lunch..Nasi Briyani :)

Nasi Briyani
Nasi Briyani



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