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Salad Week (16-31/1/07)

>> Thursday, February 1, 2007

Somehow, the level of stress got into 3 of us, Perut Besi members. We had this few weeks of salad week, where almost every week, we'll have at least 2 meals of salad. Call it obsession or just pure craving ;)

Making the salad gave us a time for relaxation, and not forgetting, a time to share our creativity and innovative ideas with each other. Salad-making teaches patience, color combination, culinary arts, and a love for food!

Salad Craze 1

Friendship Island Delight- green salad leaves, tomatoes, carrots, teriyaki salmon, mayonaise, a dash of pepper, honey, drizzled on the top. Yums!

Friendship Island Delight

Variation of the 'Friendship Island Delight' for Kew

Variation of the Friendship Island Delight

All 3 bowls of the salad...edited & nicely done up by Anne

All 3 Bowls of the salad

Salad Craze 2

The 2nd time we had a salad craze was witht the theme, Happy Face. Basically, we used the same ingredients except the salad leaves, which we substituted with lettuce.

From bottom clockwise: Polly, Anna, & Geraldine

3 Happy Faces

This was edited & nicely done up by Anne also... she renamed Geraldine...

Polly, Anna, & Fatty

The 2 main chefs of the Happy Face series, the tired looking Anne & Ruth
Happy Face Chefs

Salad Craze 3

Our third attempt took place yesterday, and this time, there was no specific theme. Everyone was given the liberty to 'design & decorate' their dish. No prize for the best design though... haha... just as a stress-reliever & some fun ;)

The 'Aboroginal-Look' by Kew

The Aboroginal-Look

The 'I Give Up' by Anne

I Give Up

The 'Pearl of the Orient' by Ruth

Pearl of the Orient1

- Ruth


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