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Exam jitters & brains matters

>> Friday, February 9, 2007

I can't keep to the promise of leaving this site for a week... huhuhu... I've just got to blog this!

Three tests in one week two days! Have you thought of the madness that we have to go through?? Each test covers 3-5 chapters...imagine the amount of words we have to stuff into our brains!

Human Brain

Hmm... you'll probably wonder what's so great about the brain. This 'ripe avocado' like organ, which is red in color thanks to the hemoglobins, is potentially the best thing that you'll ever receive in life! Read on for more details on your thinking-cap ;)

  • Your brain consists of about 100 billion neurons!

  • Your brain consists of 60% white matter and 40% grey mattere human brain.

  • When you were born, your brain weighed about 350-400g and you had almost all the brain cells you will ever have. In fact, your brain was closer to its full adult size than any other organ in your body!

  • The brain feels like a ripe and looks pink because of the blood flowing through it.

  • Your brain generates 25 watts of power while you're awake---enough to illuminate a lighbulb.


  • Your brain stopped growing at age 18!!!

We are already 22 years old! No wonder we seem to feel that our brain isn't expanding any further to contain more information. *sigh* Such facts of life is indeed depressing. Perhaps our brain cells degenerate faster than we think they do. Or perhaps our brain cells don't regenerate as fast as we hope it to be... *sob sob*

I really wonder, if we were to study right to the level of PHD, what wil happen to our brain? There are many in the world who have achieved this level already. However, the Perutbesi members have yet to find out how these people feel after achieving such heights. Do they actually remember all that they've learnt? Does obtaining a PHD serve them any benefits in terms of knowledge? Does knowledge have to do with the data contained in the brain?

Fuyoh... the many questions that I could ask..it's endless! *gulp*

It's freaky... where do these questions come from? The brain...?? *wide opened eyes* Believe it or not, although your brain stops growing at the age of 18, the fact that brain cells regenerate does help in making memories somewhat last!

To read more on fascinatinf brain facts, do visit:

- Ruth


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