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Chinese New Year origami class!

>> Sunday, February 4, 2007

Feel like having some CNY mood in your room?? Want to learn some origami? Our creative co-founder would like to share this CNY spirit with all our readers :) Q will teach you step by step how to make an origami goldfish!

Materials to prepare:
1. Ang pow packs (preferebly pretty ones with gold borders)
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Black pen
5. White 'punched-out' paper

Origami goldfish materials

Step 1
Fold paper to make a triangle (and at the end a square)
step 1

Step 2
Cut out the square shape
step 2

Step 3
Fold to make the lines of 4 triangles. After that, fold half to make a big triangle.
step 3

Step 4
Fold the sides of that triangle to the center, to make to small triangles (and it looks like a square)
step 4

Step 5
Fold the small triangles into half (you will see the lines that make up 4 smaller triangles)
step 5

Step 6
After that, use the smaller triangles & fold into 1/3 downwards.
step 6

Step 7
Take the bottom small triangle flap & fold it upwards, into 3 parts - 1/3 each part. It will look like the bottom picture.
step 7

step 9

Step 8
Fold the other triangle backwards. It will look like the bottom picture.
step 8

step 10

Step 9
Refering to the picture above, open up the origami upwards, to make it look like the picture below.
step 11

Step 10
Cut the back part to make the tail. Make sure you cut only 3/4 of that part ( don't cut completely!)
step 12

Step 11
Cut a small triangle to make the parting of the tail. It will look like the picture below.
step 13

step 13a

Step 12
Open up the tail & push a small portion of it under the body. The end product should look like the picture below it.
step 14

step 14a

Step 13
Glue the eyes at the face of the goldfish.
step 15

Step 14
Use the black pen to draw its eyes on both sides.
step 16

The Finish Product
Presto! Your goldfish should look like this! Have a Happy Chinese New Year & a prosperous one too!

Fish origami done!

- lesson by Q, post by Ruth


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